Best Electric Scooter For A 13 Year Old

The best electric scooter for a 13 year old will be one that has speed, has the looks and most importantly of all has great running stats to impress friends.

Some electric scooters will just not cut it, however you can find the best electric scooter at for adults, kids and teenagers. They also give you the details on the cheapest place to buy it from.

Best electric scooter for a 13 year old

Top Electric Scooters For Teenagers

The best electric scooter for a 13 year old really depends on how much money that you have to spend. If you have a budget of around 800 pounds then you are in for a real treat.

However, if you are operating on a smaller budget around 300 pounds, you can still get a decent electric scooter for a teen although there will be a few bugs that you are just going to have to deal with.

High end budget:

Eco Reco M5 Electric Scooter

By far the best electric scooter for a teenager to use is the Eco Reco M5 or M5. These awesome scooters look incredibly stylish and are just great to ride, period.

The only main stumbling block that these electric scooters pose is that they are not cheap, they are less than a grand, but do you have that to spend?

So what do you get for your money with the Eco Reco electric scooter? First of all, they have a top speed of 20 mph, this thing can shift.

On a full charge you can actually get 10 miles out of the scooter, they make really good commuter scooters. If you teen has a long walk to school, this would be ideal.

The big difference between cheap electric scooters and the high end expensive ones is charge time. This one takes just 4 to 5 hours to fully charge, cheap ones can take a full day and have a short ride time too.

Most cheap electric scooters do not fold down either, or are very difficult to do so, this electric scooter fold down with ease in a few seconds.

The scooter can take up to 17 stones, so even large teenagers can ride on them, it has front and rear brakes too. With superb online reviews, you can’t go wrong with this electric scooter.

Low end budget:

Razor E300 electric scooter

If you don’t have a large budget, do not worry, you can still get a decent electric scooter for your teenager to use.

The best electric scooter for a 13 year old on a small budget has to be the Razor E300. It does have a few pit falls you need to be aware of before you buy.

Obviously, this is not as good a scooter as the Eco Reco, but for the price it is pretty damn good, it has received great reviews because of this.

The Razor E300 has a top speed of 15 mph and there is even a seated version, which is called the Razor E300s. The seated version is actually easier to control.

Unfortunately these electric scooters are pretty heavy, so it’s not possible to perform tricks on them or even use as a stand alone kick scooter unlike the Eco Reco.

The scooter can take a maximum weight of 15 stone and has a hand operated brake and throttle just like the Eco Reco does.

The massive difference between the two scooters is charge time as stated earlier. The Razor E300 takes a whopping 24 hours to charge, this give you a small rather poultry run time of just 40 minutes.

The scooter does not fold down and can be somewhat difficult going up hill with heavier riders on board.

More Electric Scooters

Of course there are loads more electric scooters on the market to take a look at, all have been reviewed over at By far the best electric scooter for a 13 year old is the Eco Reco M5, that’s if you can afford one of course.