Best Baby Bean Bag Reviews: Buying Guide

There are some great baby bean bag chairs out there, but which ones give the best value for money and are they actually any good?

Right off the bat, there are three major baby bean bag brands to be aware of. They are Bambeano, Gaga and Doomoo.

So the top bean bags for babies are;

  • Doomoo
  • Bambeano
  • Gaga

Of course, there is also the un branded cheaper alternative, you should probably stay away from these for safety reasons. Here we will take a look at the three branded baby bean bags.

Top Branded Baby Bean Bag Chairs

Bambeano Review

Best baby bean bag

The Bambeano is most definitely the top rated baby bean bag on the market available to buy in the uk today.

These bean bags offer the best value for money with the fact that they come with a free toddler cover included in the price.

A bean bag like this can be used from birth until they can wriggle, which will be around 6 or 7 weeks old. So what can you do with the bean bag after this time?

Well in most cases absolutely nothing, you will have to sell it on second hand, with the Bambeano you can extend its use by transferring the beans from the baby bean bag into the toddler chair.

Now your child can use the bean bag from birth right up until they are around 7 to 9 years old and not just to 6 weeks old.

The only draw back with the Bambeano is that they are only available to buy in one style and just three different colours unlike the other brands. You can purchase all of these bean bags for babies from, they also have some useful safety information to read too and their own reviews. 

Bambeano bean bag reviews;

  1. The bean bag was delivered in a few days and my baby looks ever so cute lying in it. As soon as my son got to 5 months old he was too long for it, if you have a long baby be sure to check the measurements before you buy. It’s possible your baby might be too big for it.
  2. My baby uses the baby every day without fail, it gets used everyday so I consider it to be a great little investment. Mine came filled with way too many beans, so it was a little hard to lie on, I removed some and it is so cosy now.
  3. Bought this as a gift for my sister and she says their baby loves it. If you are looking for something different as a baby gift then I recommend a baby bean bag for sure. 
  4. I do consider it to be a little expensive, there are cheaper brands out there, wish I had gone for one of them now. Anyway, aside from the cost it is actually really well made and my baby does love to sleep on it.
  5. My little baby would not go to sleep at all in the mosses so I thought what the heck let’s try a bean bag. What a great buy, my baby actually goes to sleep now, it is an actual god send for us, we can now get some sleep too. The baby can be strapped in securely and it supports them really well, what a good buy.


Doomoo Review

Doomoo baby bean bag

This is a Doomoo baby bean bag, so why is the Bambeano better than the Doomoo? Well it’s just cost really, the Bambeano is half the price of the Doomoo for sale at around 50 pounds in the uk.

The Doomoo does have all the same great features as the Bambeano, it also has the ability to transform from a baby bean bag into a toddler bean bag chair.

It’s function is slightly different however, the Doomoo bean bag comes with two zip off tops, one top has the safety harness and the other does not.

To change the bean bag from a baby one into a toddler chair you just have to zip off one top and replace it with the other, very easy.

Although the Doomoo is a lot more expensive than the Bambeano it does beat it in style, the Doomoo is available to buy in many different designs and colour combinations.

A bean bags for babies like these can help with colic and will even stop your baby from suffering from flat head syndrome, they are definitely worth the money.

If you are looking for something that is at the top of the range then take a look at this sheepskin baby bean bag, it’s just under 400 pounds to buy, if the have the cash then why not.

Doomoo reviews;

  1. I took a look through all the bean bags for babies on the market and ended up going for the Doomoo. The reviews were exceptional so that was the tipping point for me. I am glad that I got the bean bag, it is worth the money, the material is lovely and is machine washable too.
  2. My baby just would not sleep after a feed because he was so uncomfortable with trapped wind. I got a bean bag and it has worked wonders, I do not know why I did not get one sooner, what a great buy this turned out to be.
  3. It is rather costly, but I wanted the best and I have got it. They say you only get what you pay for, and this is certainly true here where baby bean bags are concerned. The design is very pretty, if you have the budget then get one.
  4. My friend said I should try a bean bag for my baby because my little man was not sleeping at all. I opted for the Doomoo and I am so pleased that I did. Would not do without it now, highly recommended for naps in the day.
  5. I am so made up with this bean bag. I had one of these bean bags for my first child so I knew that I would like it. The cover is lovely and soft and my baby is ever so comfortable when sleeping on it.


Gaga Baby Bean Bag Review

Gaga baby bean bag

Last of all we have the Gaga baby bean bag, this is third on the list because it does not transform into a toddler chair and is therefore useless after your baby gets to 7 weeks old.

As you can see, these bean bags do look good and I know from experience help many babies sleep that would normally find it hard to get to sleep on a night.

Each and every one of these bean bags have the correct tried and tested safety harnesses fitted, your baby is certainly secure on the bean bag.

There are a few things that you shouldn’t do, one of them is not let your baby sleep on the bean bag overnight. Babies should always be supervised by an adult when using the bean bag.

If you are at all concerned about baby bean bag safety then just go to for more details, this will help put your mind at ease on any issues that you might have about them.

With this bean bag, the cover is removable and is machine washable as you would expect bean bags for babies to be.

The beans in this bean bag can be moved around to adjust your babies seated position, you can easily get them comfortable on the thing that’s for sure.

Gaga bean bag reviews;

  1. First of all, the bean bag is ever so comfortable, I pushed my hand down on the beans and they are ever so soft, I just wish I could lie on it. Think I am going to have to buy an adult size bean bag for myself now. It looks good and is comfy, nothing to worry about with this brand.
  2. Only thing I would complain about is that I thought it would be a little longer than it is, so be sure to take note of the measurements before you purchase one. If you have a wide or long baby it might be too big to use it.
  3. The bean bag was delivered in very quick time, it is of great quality. I would, without doubt, recommend to a friend and would buy another one like a shot. if it could transform into a toddler bean bag it would be perfect, I know the Doomoo brand can do this.
  4. It is a safe place for my baby to take a nap, she gets to sleep on the bean bag quickly. The straps keep her secure on the bag, I will stop her using it when she learns to turn onto her side, it will be dangerous to use from that point onwards.
  5. When my baby first came home from the hospital the bean bag was the one and only place that she would sleep. Her sleep patterns have improved a bit and she will now sleep in her mosses basket, she still loves her daily bean bag snoozes, would not do without it.

Cheap Non-Branded Baby Bean Bag Alternatives


So we have reviewed the expensive branded bean bags for babies, are there any good cheap alternatives out there right now.

Sure is, just look at this stunning baby bean bag chair, and it is around £30 to buy right now in the UK too, what a bargain.

These look incredibly like the Gaga and Doomoo bean bags for babies, however they are around £20 to £70 pounds cheaper, so they are most definitely worth taking a look at.

Okay, you can buy all of these bean bags, the branded and non branded ones from, they have the lot at the best prices, there is no need to go anywhere else in the UK.

The bean bag itself comes in many colours and lots of other designs too, this blue one is one of the most popular today.

The bag operates just like the Doomoo too, it comes with switch able tops which enable it to be transformed into a toddler chair when your baby gets older.

The big different between the non branded and the branded bean bags for babies is the material, the branded ones feel soft, the material on the cheaper non branded ones is a little rough to touch.

However that’s not necessarily a bad thing, the material is a lot stronger and will certainly stand the long test of time. Remember these bean bags can be used until your child is about 8 years of age.

You should also know that the cover is removable and is surprisingly machine washable, so they are very easy to keep looking clean.

How cute is this cheap bean bag for babies, it is just £30 to buy and is so adorable. You are going to fall in love with the design for sure.

As you can see, the bean bag features an animal pattern design, it is very popular indeed, probably because it is so incredibly cute and very cheap to buy.

The bean bag has a three way adjustable harness just like all the branded ones, and it can also transform into a toddler chair when your little one isn’t so little any more.

The customer reviews are stella, you can read them all over at You can also buy each and every bean bag featured here there too.

This bean bag in particular has an impressive 5 out of 5 star rating with customers stating that it is so much better than a bouncer and they are very well made for the price.

These bean bags actually have a unique safety feature to stop your baby getting to the beans inside, you have to attach a paper clip to the zipper to make it work, which of course would be impossible for a baby to do.

The covers can be switched over and can be wiped down with a damp cloth to keep clean or can be shoved into the washing machine.

I would definitely recommend a non branded bean bag for your baby if the branded ones are out of your price range. They look great and are very similar, they are worth the money for sure.

Best Bean Bags For Babies

Without doubt the best baby bean bag for your money is the Bambeano, you even get a free toddler chair cover thrown into the deal. You can see the winning bean bag in action by taking a look at the video below.