Need a Bean Bag Refill?

If you bean bag is looking a little deflated or you are making your own bean bag then you are going to need a bean bag refill pack.

There are different size bean bag refill packs available for sale in the uk, all of which will top up small, medium and large bean bags.

Bean Bag Refill Sizes

3 cubic feet bean bag refill

The 3 cubic feet bean bag refill pack will add some extra life back into a shabby looking deflated bean bag and bring it back to life.

You can get a 1 cubic feet bean bag refill pack but they will only ever add a bit of life back into a baby bean bag, the best bean bag refill pack for all bags is this 3 cubic feet refill pack.

A baby bean bag will take about 6 cubic feet of beans to completely fill it to the top, just to give you an idea of size.

giant bean bag will take around 25 cubic feet of beans to fill it to the top from empty, that’s one hell of a lot of beans.

A giant bean bag will measure around 6 foot long and about 5 foot wide, this will take as stated earlier 25 cubic feet of beans to fill it right up.

Bean bags are very easy to refill, in most cases you just unzip the bean bag and pour the beans on in there, job done. Bean bags do go flat and do need to be refilled you know, so always buy a top up for when your time comes.

6 cubic feet bean bag refill

A 6 cubic feet bean bag refill pack will certainly top up a kids bean bag or even add some life into a medium size to large bean bag.

From experience it is better to get a net liner bean bag refill pack, these are easier to transfer the beans into the bag.

If you get a polyester bean bag refill the beans stick to the side of the bag and it is harder to get them to transfer into the bag.

With a net liner bean bag refill you will not get this bean sticky problem, the beans will simply roll into the bean bag with ease.

If you have made your own bean bag cover and need some beans to fill it up then this will fill a small to medium size bean bag.

These are polystyrene beans that have been treated to be fire retardant and are completely safe to use on that score.

20 cubic feet bean bag refill

For around 60 pounds in the uk you can get a 20 cubic feet bean bag refill pack, it’s rather expensive, but this will fill a giant bean bag.

All of the beans will be flame retardant for safety and should have always been tested so that you can be sure of this.

If you need to know how to refill a bean bag with beans then just watch the video posted below to see how easy it is.

We would not recommend completely filling a bean bag to the top, a firm to touch bag can be rather uncomfortable to sit on.

If you have a giant bean bag to refill we would suggest getting a six cubic feet refill pack to top it up and get it comfy again.

Reviews on the bean bag refill packs here are all good and you will not be disappointed if you buy one of these packs.

More Bean Bag Top Ups

Make sure you get the correct bean bag refill pack, too many beans in the bag will make it uncomfortable, go safe and get a 6 cubic feet refill for large bean bags.